Point-of-Sale (“POS”) System


BI Tools

The visualization software simplifies data analysis and helps you make informed business decisions faster than ever before

Planning&Consulting, Project Management

A combination of our planners expertise and knowledge of latest trend as well as your specific demographic


Hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the Internet

Warehouse DC, Accounting, E-commerce

Integrated approach system


Retail Software

Web based inventory management system with HQ and POS.

Retail Hardware

We offer reliable and complete range of POS hardware.

Food & Beverage

Web based FNB solution with HQ control system

Mobile Apps & Digital Signage

Cardless Membership / In store quick item search / targeted Digital signage with Centralize control


Online & Onsite System Support

Support log in a request for service or seek technical assistance via our Helpdesk through phone call, email or fax

Hardware Maintainance & Services

Onsite repair, installation and maintenance service

Project Implement

We place great emphasis on analyzing customers’ goals and directions before development and implementation.

Services Vision

To achieve zero level of customer complaints