• To equipped and prepare the local industry with systems that are able to penetrate the international level so as to be on par with the competitive global IT niche. strategic needs of the economy.
  • To provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to meet the rising demands and strategic needs of the economy.
  • To uphold the company’s integrity by providing quality, state-of-art tools and services 
  • Total commitment to Research and Development and to pursue new technologies and services to the fast, constant changing and emerging economy.


  • To provide quality,comprehensive and effective solutions to our customers
  • To ensure our customers receive the best hardware and software support all the time 
  • To empower our employees with skills to perform and satisfy our customers to the fullest 
  • To develope a dependable & functional business solution for the retail industry


Gross Synergy is a leading provider of point of sales(POS)system solutions that add value for consumers, merchants and acquirers. Our products include Headquarter Inventory Management System, Customer Loyalty Program, Point of Sales, Warehouse Management System and software integration to many of retailing device such as barcode printer , price check terminal and hand held terminal.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Gross Synergy maintains an installed base of more than 100 throughout the whole country since 1992. Together, these terminals and application conduct more than millions of transactions every year.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction! From hot-line telephone support, on-site or classroom training to our onsite service, our customer support specialists work hard every day to provide our customers the most comprehensive support in the industry. Access our product through web and begin sharing with fellow retailers as well as getting answers to your technical questions from us. Contact support via phone or email.