HQRM & WEBRM Retail Managemet will provide details on current stock of items, reckon additional stock required to operate the business, do inventory cost estimations and provide an effiecient way to manage and control your inventory profit & margin. You can also examine the number of specific items sold today (last sold quantity/last received qty)and the number of items left(i.e. onhand balance). All these details will help you place purchase orders based (PO)on the items that sells well in the store and have lower stock, thus avoiding unnecessary surplus, and minimizing wastage. Other than that, the inventory barcode integration will be available to support multiple barcode (one stock have multiple barcode), and flexible UOM packing quantity control(ctn, pack, unit).


HQRM & WEBRM Retail Managemet have included several basic module like Purchase Order, Goods Receiving, Goods Return, Transfer In & Out, Stocks Adjustment and etc. In this functional module user are allowed to manage their daily retail operation with more organize, simplify and automated your task. Say goodbye to the tedious day to day business operations & transactions.The effort of requiring to do repetitive paperwork will also be reduced. All these will help to improve the efficiency of the business and results in higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and greater profitability


Live Sales result will allow you to plan & implement sucessful business strategy in your retail line. Through this you will understand more about consumers spending behavior and take advantage by implementing business strategy such as (promotion period, best buy period, implement special promotion and M&M)


By analyzing various auto generated detailed reports you can forecast sales in your store. You can stock more products that give you greater profits and fewer products that give you the least amount of profit. This will contribute to your business overall profitability and success.


Discounts, vouchers and promotions are often critical to attract customers. You can associate each item in your store with a configurable pricelist and discount rule. The discount rule will automatically be applied and update to all front POS.